Sundog Industries

This is a small selection of some of the animation and motion graphics work produced by Sundog Industries, including work for academic research, private industry, and educational outreach. We specialise in using film, video and animation to explain complex stories in an entertaining, interesting, watchable and shareable fashion.

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British Indian Army

We were commissioned to make this video in honour of the British Indian Army for Remembrance Day 2020. This was a quite complex project, involving illustrators and audio professionals as well as our Director, Huw Bowen.

Credits: Illustration by Phil Sootheran and Damian Hayes, Music and SFX by Guy Eastwood, Voiceover by Rajesh Bedi, Written, Directed and Animated by Huw Bowen

British Board of Dharmic Scholars – Saraswati

This animation was commissioned in order to attract people who might be willing to volunteer their services to the British Board of Dharmic Scholars. It was a real pleasure to work on this project – how often do you get to animate a multi-armed deity?

Credits: Illustration by Phil Sootheran, Voice Acting by Rajesh Bedi and Sakshi Sharma, Directed and Animated by Huw Bowen

Convergence Explainer Video

This short piece was commissioned to explain the services of Convergence Group, who provide LAN and WAN services for businesses.

Directed and Animated by Huw Bowen

‘Witness’ Music Video – Coventry City of Culture

Huw was commissioned by the Coventry City of Culture 2021 to be part of a lockdown visual album, produced entirely during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. He was partnered with Coventry musician Nicky Ager to make a music video for his song ‘Witness’. Socially distanced filming took place in Oakley Woods, Warwickshire, with Huw operating the camera as well as directing.

‘Witness’ written, performed and produced by Nicky Ager. Music video filmed, directed and edited by Huw Bowen

The Origins of Ossian

Huw was commissioned to make this animation highlighting the work of statistical physicists from various universities. It illustrates the power of using network theory and mathematical analysis to help us understand literature from the past.

This project was especially fun to make as we got to write and record a bespoke soundtrack to go along with the video, using a variety of live and electronic instruments.

Written, directed and animated by Huw Bowen. Character illustration by Damian Hayes. Sound Engineering and Rototoms by Nino Marsala.


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